What is Bitget?

Bitget was founded in 2018 with headquarters in Singapore. The exchange is managed by CEO – Sandra Lou and Sales Manager – Intae Song. When it was first established, Bitget exchange focused on developing cryptocurrency exchange services. Since July 2019, Bitget has switched to trading products such as spot trading and derivatives trading.

Bitget is one of the fastest growing derivatives exchanges. After only 4 years of operation, the exchange has more than 2 million registered users and 24-hour trading volume is 5.6 billion USD. With the slogan “Better transactions, better lives”, Bitget exchange aims to provide users with the most free, optimal and fair transactions.

On March 11, 2022, Bitget announced to become a strategic partner of Juventus – the leading Italian football club. This partnership strengthens Bitget’s international reputation and gives football fans the opportunity to get to know the crypto industry.

Bitget exchange review


  • High security: The exchange has high security, 2-layer security features. During operation, there is no history of being hacked.
  • Copy Trade feature: Traders will get 10% of their profits if there are users who copy trade their trades
  • Low transaction fees: Low transaction fees compared to other exchanges. Maker and taker fees are 0.100%. If you use BGB, the transaction fee will be reduced by 20%
  • Multi-language support: Supports 13 languages including Vietnamese
  • Support for mobile applications: There are applications suitable for both iOS and Android versions
  • Professional staff: Dedicated staff, 24/7 support


  • It is difficult for new users to acquaint with because the exchange has too many features

Transaction fee

Similar to other exchanges, Bitget has 3 basic transaction fees as follows:

Transaction fee

  • Maker: 0.100%
  • Taker: 0.100%

In addition, the transaction fee will be reduced by 20% when users pay in BGB.

Recharge fee

Free deposit to Bitget exchange account

Withdrawal fee

Specific transaction fees for each assets will be periodically adjusted according to the actual situation.

You should carefully check the withdrawal fees before making your transaction. For details of withdrawal fees, please refer here.

Instructions to register for a Bitget account

Step 1: Visit the website: https://www.bitget.com/en/

Fill in the following fields:

  • Email
  • Set password: Password must contain letters, numbers or symbols, length 8 – 32 characters
  • Confirm password
  • Check the box “I agree to the Terms of Use”
  • Finally select “Register”


Step 2: Verify Captcha by dragging the puzzle piece to the equivalent empty position

Step 3: Enter the 6-digit verification code sent to your email

Then select “Complete registration”

So you have successfully registered a Bitget account!

Account Verification (KYC) Instructions

Step 1: Under “Account” select “ID Verifycation”

Step 2: At the “Personal verification” section

Select “Start Verification”

Step 3: Fill in the following fields:

  • Country/Region: Vietnam
  • First name/Last name: Full name in identification document
  • Type of identification document: ID Card, Passport, License
  • ID number: Number on identification document
  • Date of Birth: Date of birth coincides with the identification document
  • Upload 2 sides of your ID
  • Upload a selfie of you holding your ID card and a piece of paper that says “Bitget + date taken”
  • Finally select “Send”

Instructions to enable 2FA security

Step 1: In the “Account” section, select “Security Settings”

Step 2: At the “Google Authenticator Code” section

Select “Settings”

Step 3: Perform the following steps:

  • Download and install the appropriate GA app for Android or IOS
  • Use the GA app on your phone to scan the QR code.
  • Backup your security key in case your phone is lost or damaged
  • Enter the 6-digit verification code in GA
  • Finally select “Send”

Register Bitget account here.

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